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Our Mission


We have made the deliberate decision to acknowledge that our choices matter, and to act accordingly. The benefit to the customer is that our premium gourmet coffee is not only a rewarding experience to sip and ponder, but the coffee purchase contributes to Fair Trade practices and is Sustainably Grown.


We are a socially and environmentally dedicated business with the mission to bring Fair Trade, Certified Organic and Sustainably Grown coffee beans to the Northwest and beyond. We carefully roast them to order in small batches so that they are always fresh and always aromatic.


Our customers receive personalized friendly service, quick delivery, good prices, and the best coffee around!

The Managment Team

Daniel Mendum

Master Roaster and CEO

Chase Schwab

Assistant Roaster and Director of Operations

Bryan Brzeg

Marketing Manager

Matt Bode

IT Specialist

Samantha Johnson

Logistics Coordinator

Andi Koals

Production & Barista

Brittany O'Connor


Amanda Mendum


Our Business


We have had great fun building our business and really do believe we have the best beans available, the best people to work with, and provide the best product to be found. After all, we only roast the world’s best coffee!