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The Roasters

Master Roaster

Daniel Mendum


Raised by coffee crazed boars in Hawaii and surviving off the nutrients of the coffee plant, young baby Dan developed an uncontrollable addiction to the world's best coffees. Now, between his daily 23.5 cups of java, he roasts delicious blends to share that experience with the rest of the world.





Assistant Roaster

Chase Schwab


Under the apprenticeship of Dan Mendum, Chase started learning about coffee in the beginning of 2012. Since then, he has overseen packaging operations, worked in graphics and design, and roasted all of the many delicious blends that Moka Joe has to offer.


The experience of working at Moka Joe has opened the door to many learning opportunities for him, and has reinforced the passion for coffee that he has.


"The goal is top quality and service. Great coffee and happy customers."


For questions, concerns, or comments, please contact him at: