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Coffee with a cause! Our Café Femenino Coffee line is dedicated to Women owned and operated farms. By choosing Café Femenino Coffee, programs and projects are funded that enhance the lives of women, their families, and their communities in coffee producing regions around the world. Together, in supporting this coffee, we can sustain organic practices from farm to cup.

The Café Femenino Foundation was founded in 2004 by two coffee importers that bought and sold organic and fair trade coffee from all around the world. In their travels, they saw that women in remote coffee communities had no voice, no rights and no control over their lives or choices for their families- uneducated, poor, and isolated, these women were subject to high rates of abuse. Immediately, the founders saw the need for action and formed the foundation. Their focus was, and is, to help women and their families by raising funds that that go to grants that are submitted by members of the Café Femenino coffee co-operatives. The foundation ‘opens its ears and hearts to listen to what the needs are of these poor coffee families’ (

In the last 15 years, the Café Femenino Foundation has seen many positive social changes. Within these coffee communities, women finally have a voice and the choices that they make are not only helping their coffee farms, but entire communities at large. Sustainability and organic practices are leading to better crops and higher yields. These communities produce coffee crops that are ranked top 5% in the world. We are very proud to stand behind this foundation and support this cause- because coffee can promote change and it does!

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